A Day at Capital Prep

On any given day at Capital Prep, three characteristics common in all strong families are evident: high expectations, rigorous learning experiences, and caring adults to facilitate a safe and nurturing environment.

High expectations for academics and behavior are rooted in the five learner expectations to: Collaborators, Problem Solvers, Researchers, Empathetic Citizens, and Pillars of Knowledge. The rigorous course of studies and curriculum present at each school level from grades Pre- K through 12 allows Capital Prep students to have opportunities to participate in academic enrichments to further develop the five learner expectations.

The final product is unmatched. Since our inception, Capital Prep has delivered on the promise of college admittance to 100% of our graduating seniors. This remarkable feat is evidence of a work ethic that is grounded in 21st century skills.

“The learner expectations are great, because it allows us to focus on a goal and become better people in our communities.”
Eliezer Carmona, 7th Grade

Our Social Justice curriculum is vertically aligned and spirals so that students have the opportunity to address each essential question twice to demonstrate depth of knowledge. Social justice is infused throughout the day through project-based learning that is grade level specific as well as whole school focused. For example, the water pollution interdisciplinary project spans from grades Pre- K through 12 while the school to prison pipeline is a 5th grade capstone project.

Here at Capital Prep we meet as a community each school day to devote time to Advisory. The main purpose is to foster personalization, strengthening the relationship between each student and their learning environment.  It is the responsibility of the advisor to monitor both social and academic development of each of their advisees throughout their experience at the school, while fostering a positive school culture.

“Not many schools focus on Social Justice… Capital Prep is one of the most diverse schools.”
James Leduc, 6th Grade

Advisors work to create affective bonds with their advisees and their families and to act in the role of academic mentor.  Guidance in both domains are provided daily and students are encouraged to create and successfully meet both short and long-term goals in each.  Student-led conferences are utilized for advisor and advisee assessment of these goals.

The final product is a 21st century learner that is well-prepared to cash in on the promise of college. 100% of Capital Prep’s graduating seniors receive a well-earned opportunity to continue their academic quest for higher learning. The experience at Capital Prep nurtures life-long learners prepared to continue their service as community leaders and productive global citizens.