As a Kindergartener at Capital Prep there are many new and exciting things a student will learn about English language arts, math, science, and social studies! All subjects are approached with center-based learning aligned to the Common Core State Standards, so students have numerous opportunities throughout the year to learn by reading, writing, drawing, and with the use of tactile manipulatives.

Our students receive comprehensive literacy instruction that builds foundational skills such as concepts of print, sight words recognition and phonological awareness (understanding that words are composed of sounds).  The curriculum is developed using Foundations Early Literacy. Students are guided to develop questions about text, compare and contrast characters’ experiences in familiar stories, questioning unknown words in text, and recognizing common genres.   As budding wordsmiths, kindergarten writers use knowledge of letter sounds, invented spelling, and drawings to convey an opinion, state facts, or connect events in a narrative.  Through participation in collaborative discussions about texts, the kindergarteners hone speaking and listening skills.  Through literature, students are exposed to cultures and examine similarities and differences.  Scholars develop map skills as they identify key places within the community.

The Kindergarten math course is rooted in two main areas: representing and counting numbers with and without objects and describing and comparing shapes. The curriculum is designed using Eureka Math. The year starts off strong with an introduction to number names, sequence, symbols, and patterns; counting objects and identifying amounts in sets and comparing sets.  This guides us to describing and classifying objects into categories for analysis.  This analysis will lend to “putting together” and “taking from” groups which will lay the groundwork for addition and subtraction. They also use their analyzing skills to compare and compose shapes they have learned to identify and describe. The students then move into the teen numbers (11-19) and understand that they are a group of 10 “put together” with a few ones thus, laying the foundation for place value.

If math was not exciting enough, kindergarteners will put their curiosity to the test during science! Students will enjoy learning about living and non-living things, animals, weather, the 5 senses, and just becoming the most inquisitive little person they can be.

Combine the standards with Capital Prep’s social justice themes supported by collaboration and group research to learn about ways individuals can impact the community and students really soar! Each kindergarten student expresses social justice through projects that answer their specific year long question: Who am I? Kindergarteners participate in five quint projects that require them to look at the larger picture and how they fit in it. They learn their basics all while discovering who they are and that truly is the start of becoming a Trailblazer!