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English/Humanities Learner Resources

During the district-wide school closure, there are resources available for student learning while at home. Please see the link below for the grade level specific learning packets available for your child.


Ms. Cianci has created assignments using Khan Academy for 8th and 9th grade students.  Please reach out to Ms. Cianci if you need further instructions for these assignments.

Freshman English login link. Please sign in using your Hartford Schools email address:

8th Grade English login link. Please sign in using your Hartford Schools email address:

ReadWorks is a free reading resource which families can use during the district-wide school closure.   To create a free account go to: 

Beaudoin classes and assignment descriptions: all work can be found on google classroom.

All of my classes: Write a letter: you do not have to address it to a specific person, but you can become a pen pal with a person who is in a nursing home, mail them a letter, and start a conversation with someone. If you’d like to remain anonymous you can. If you type it up here, I’ll print and send them. I can send a large batch of them if all of you choose to type here. Ask them what their days are like, how they are doing, what they grew up doing. Write one letter per day. Thank you.

7th only: create a memory or I Spy game using various items in your home. Type the items into google docs, and explain why you picked the items you did. Pick 16-20 items for memory and 15-20 for I Spy. If you play memory, use paper to make cards and time yourself playing. Take pictures of the cards with a phone and post in classroom.

11th: work on SJP- pick 3 of the topics, demographic, society, curriculum (policies, laws), counterargument, and the history of the issue and how long it has existed. They only need to pick 3. They will continue to write and expand upon the ideas they already have written down.

9th: finish the performance task biography project on google classroom. Should have a poster and 10-15 slides. Directions are in google classroom. This was assigned before we left for break.

A message and log-in information from Mr. Hegenauer
Hello students and families,
I’m sorry we have to change the way we are learning but in the long run its good to find new ways to accomplish goals.  Let’s do our best to make something good out of a strange situation.  Please use your HPS email accounts to join the appropriate Google Classroom.  We will continue our learning on there.  Parents can feel free to join as well.  I hope everyone stays safe and please reach out to me (  if you have questions.
2nd Period 6th Grade Google Classroom Code – dldmvwy
3rd Period 10th Grade Google Classroom Code – xkgq6vb
4th Period 10th Grade Google Classsroom Code – r4y2fo6
Enrichment block 12th Grade – continue to use current Google Classroom
A message and lesson instructions from Mr. Bress:
*Please see updated Google Classroom codes
I hope that you are all safe and healthy and finding ways to stay positive during this confusing and frustrating time. As we pick our school year back up, albeit from a distance, it is important that we keep curiosity and rigorous thinking alive. 
We will be continuing to use Google Classroom to assign and assess content throughout the rest of the school year. Please use the following codes to join those classrooms if you have not already done so. If you can’t get in, email me with “Classroom login” in the subject. 
Civics: qi5iizc
With all that is going on, Civics will be taking a decidedly “current events” focus moving forward. You should expect to read lots of news and opinion articles, watch coverage, and write essays designed to synthesize new information and share your understandings.
US History: skbwerg
In US History we are moving into the Age of American Expansion, to be quickly followed by the Prosperity and Depression of the early 20th century. We will continue to blend content with skill work; you should expect daily worksheets that demand some kind of source analysis, followed by cumulative writing assignments designed to get you writing in different styles (argumentative, inform & explain, etc.).
International Studies: o6tdjgh
International Studies will pick up where we left off, with our deep dive into the 1619 Project as we continue to think about the impact of historical globalization on our modern society. You should expect to be assigned long reading assignments and guiding questions that will help you analyze and interpret this great collection of essays. We will be using specific Close Reading Strategies, same as you were doing in class before we left, to tackle these rich texts. You will also be writing in various styles (argumentative, inform & explain, etc.) to share your thoughts and responses to these pieces.

Ms. Mondo’s 6th grade English Class Code:


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