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The Regional School Choice (RSCO) application period for magnet and open choice schools is November 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020. To apply, please visit

Applications to Magnet and Open Choice schools are open to Hartford and Suburban residents using the Regional School Choice Office (RSCO) application.
To apply, please visit:

All parents or legal guardians of a student can apply. All children living in the United States have a right to a free K-12 public education regardless of citizenship or immigration status.

Hartford Residents:
Families can complete both the Hartford District Choice application and the Regional School Choice (RSCO) application. Hartford residents who fall into the categories below MUST apply to the Hartford District Choice Lottery:

  • New Kindergarten Students: Kindergarten age-eligible children (turning five on or before January 1, 2021) must register for school. PreK4 students currently enrolled in a HPS school readiness program within zone or magnet school do not need to apply for kindergarten, as they will continue in their current school.
  • Students Interested in Transferring Schools: Any students interested in changing from their current HPS neighborhood or magnet school can only do so by applying during the application period for the following school year.
  • All Students: Any Hartford resident student may submit a Hartford District Choice application.

Suburban Residents:
Families who wish to access Hartford Public School Magnet and Open Choice options apply only through the RSCO application.


What families need to know after the placement process occurs.

Acceptance & Registration:
• Respond to your placement once your family receives notification.

• If placement is not accepted or declined within the time frame noted, the placement may be declined and the seat will be offered to another student. Families can accept electronically online or by returning the signed placement forms.

• To register your child, bring the required documents below to the Office of Enrollment and School Choice to finalize registration. If your child is attending a magnet school, please bring the registration documents to the school.

• Required Documents for Registration:
Proof of Guardianship
Proof of Child’s Age
Proof of Residency


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