June 30th Wear BLUE for Morgan Pooh!

June 30th Wear BLUE for Morgan Pooh!

Hello friends and family of GOTR GH,


We have received a very special request from a mom on behalf of one of our spring GOTR girls, Morgan.


Some of you may know that Morgan has a physical condition called Arthrogryposis, affecting her joints. She is not able to bend her arms.  GOTR was the first outside of school physical activity that Morgan was able to participate in and she LOVED it.  Her mom told me they are continuing to use the lessons this summer because they were so meaningful. I was very fortunate to be one of Morgan’s coaches in the spring and she had a profound impact on me personally. Morgan smiled every GOTR session and for the entire session.  If she struggled, she would say “I believe.” Resilient and joyful are words that scratch the surface of who Morgan is and how she lives.


Morgan’s spirit and courage impacted her team as well. Through Morgan’s honesty she shared her story. Morgan, as you can imagine spent a lot of time in different hospitals as a baby and toddler. The team wanted to help babies like Morgan who were having to spend a lot of time in the hospital.  The team learned from Morgan’s mom when families whose babies are in the hospital for long periods of time, to be able to hold their baby and read to them is very comforting for both the babies and the families. The team decided their community project would be book donations for infants at CCMC. It was the girls’ hope that babies, like Morgan, would be held by their loved ones, hear their voices and know they are loved.


Now the special request: June 30th is Arthrogryposis Awareness Day. On that day, supporters are asked to wear blue.  I am asking, if you are willing, to please wear blue, take a picture with a sign that says “GOTR GH Wears Blue for Morgie Pooh.”  Morgan’s family coined the phrase and she loves it.  Please send your pictures to me and I will send them onto Morgan’s mom. Morgan will see all of the pictures.  In the past, the pictures have given Morgan a real sense of the support and love she has surrounding her.


I have attached a picture of Morgan with her mom and dad in their GOTR wear from our 5K in May. This is an extraordinary girl and family and I hope you will join me in sending Morgan our GOTR energy, love and support on June 30!





nancy woodward |executive director


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