Capital Arts Program Extension (CAPE)


CAPE offers outstanding private music lessons and performance opportunities to students of all ages and abilities at Capital Preparatory Magnet School. Bringing professional musicians, and experience teachers together with Capital Prep students. All lessons are held at Capital Prep during enrichment or after school. Capital Prep provides the use of our state-of-the-art facility to private instructors. Each private instructor is responsible scheduling and payment.
CAPE strengthens the fabric of our community by engaging youth in creative activities that develop discipline, problem-solving skills and decision-making, and give them a sense of achievement and personal worth. Its mission is to foster a sense of community through music by providing the fullest possible array of musical experiences for people of all ages, musical abilities, and backgrounds. Toward this end, it seeks to:

1. Offer programs of excellence in musical instruction, performance, and participation,

2. Develop the musical abilities, understanding, and enjoyment of all students and audience members,

3. Provide a musical environment that is welcoming and offers access to all.