Arts Program


The Arts Program at Capital Prep provides an opportunity for all students to receive a comprehensive and diverse arts education for students in grades PreK – 6th that develops the whole person through a curriculum that integrates the performing and visual arts. We aim to develop the students’ artistic abilities and desires through independent, cooperative, responsible and creative approach.  This strong foundation will provide a lifelong interest and ability in learning and the arts. We believe that these skills and qualities will prepare our students to pursue further educational goals and allow them to contribute to the life and well being of society as a whole.


  1. All students will use aesthetic knowledge in the creation of and in response to dance, music, theater and visual arts.
  1. Active participation in the arts leads to a comprehensive understanding of the imaginative and creative process.
  1. An understanding of the elements and principles of art is essential to the creative process and artistic production.
  1. Through the critical process, students formulate judgments regarding artistic and aesthetic merits of artwork.
  1. The relationship of the arts and culture is mutually dependent; culture affects the arts and the arts reflect and preserve culture.